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ANTH 215 Archaeology of the Bible Lands
... Eastern Mediterranean, Near East, and Egypt with a special geographic focus on the Holy Land, cultural and environmental settings of biblical history reconstructed from archaeological evidence from Paleolithic through Roman times, placing events and customs described in biblical narrative in political, religious and economic contexts of the larger region.
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  Sandra Sham
received her PhD from the Catholic University of America. She has taught at the University of Maryland and Jerusalem University College, and served as an associate curator at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem. She has excavated at Teleilat Ghassul and Wadi Adrafa in Jordan and Caesarea in Israel, coordinates an academic exchange project on Heritage Conservation in Israel and Palestine at the Wye River Plantation Conference Center for the US State Department and leads students on Penn State's Summer field school for GIS and Archaeology.
  Dr. Scham is former editor of Near Eastern Archaeology, the journal of the American Schools of Oriental Research, co-editor of Connectivity in Antiquity (Equinox Press, 2006) and author of Handling Heritage: Uses of the Past in the Formation and Affirmation of Cultural and National Identities (Altamira Press, forthcoming).
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