The Catholic University of America


Miriam Doutriuax receives College Art Association Award

Her co-edited book, Ancient Maya Art at Dumbarton Oaks (2012), won the College Art Association’s 2013 Alfred H. Barr Award for small museums, libraries, and collections.  From the citation:

"...a particularly substantial and long-lasting scholarly and publishing achievement. It is also a highly readable reference work, offering insight into the traditions of sculpture, ceramics, jade, and painting of the Maya cultures of ancient America. ...  With contributions by nineteen specialists, Ancient Maya Artat Dumbarton Oaks is a model of scholarly collaboration; the different voices of each expert echo the variety of objects and ensure the most recent knowledge, particularly regarding advances in epigraphy and subsequent reinterpretations. That the roster of scholars includes not only American scholars but also experts from Guatemala and Mexico reflects a new level of international cooperation in this sometimes-contentious territory."


Lucy Cohen receives the 2008 Sol Tax award of the Society for Applied Anthropology

... in recognition for "exceptional leadership and long-term service to the SfAA and the profession of anthropology in a variety of activities." Dr. Cohen has served the SfAA as Program Chair, chair of the Sol Tax Award Committee (earlier), on the Government and Legislation Liaison Persons Committee and has been a long-time supporter of more student participation in the Society as well as of non-academically employed anthropologists. Dr. Cohen is nationally known for efforts to get cultural dimensions of health and wellness included in health care training; she's served on community boards in Washington, chaired the mayor's Commission on Latino Community Development, and is a co-founder of the Spanish Catholic Health Center in DC.


Marilyn Merritt  awarded first prize in the AAA ethnographic poetry competition

... for poems about her experiences in West Africa, which will be read at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in San Francisco and published in the Anthropology & Humanism Quarterly. Congratulations, Dr. Merritt! She also has a chapter, "Identities: Looking Back over Forty Years as a Social Scientist, Woman, and Mother" in a collection, Motherhood, The Elephant in the Laboratory: Women Scientists Speak Out, edited by Emily Monosson and published by Cornell University Press, 2008.


Grad Students receive Research Fellowships

Jeff Splitstoser - Junior Fellow at Dumbarton Oaks (2005)

Barbara Wolff - Fulbright Dissertation Fellowship (2004-05)


Professor Chock and three Undergraduates win Awards

Professor Phyllis Chock, selected by Undergraduate Student Government as 2004 recipient of the James E. Dornan Memorial Teacher of the Year Award "for outstanding classroom teaching, advising, and publications," and graduating seniors...

Daphne Dador (l) winner of the Sam Williams Memorial Award for "significant contributions to the activities of minority and international students, enhanced communication, and furthered understanding among culturally and ethnically diverse groups on campus." 

Meghann McBeath (r) winner of a Student Activities Award for significant contributions "to the student body's social and personal development through an untiring involvement in cocurricular activities... that make an impact upon the campus community."

Ryan Welsh (Anthropology '03) received the Ronnie McManes Award at CUA's 2003 Homecoming. The annual award recognizes a football player who has succeeded both academically and athletically.