The Catholic University of America

Planned Courses for Academic years 2012-2013 through 2016

Note: this is a preliminary schedule and subject to revision. Red indicates a previously scheduled course will not be offered in the indicated semester.

  Fall12 Spr13 Fall13 Spr14 Fall14 Spr15 Fall15 Spr16
MAJOR REQUIREMENTS                
Foundation Courses                
Cultural Anth A101 A101 A101 A101 A101 A101 A101 A101
Archaeology A108 A108 A108 A108 A108 A108 A108 A108

Supporting Courses

A105 A110 A105 A110 A105 A110 A105 A110
Core Courses                
Anth Perspectives A200   A200   A200   A200  
Res Design & Conduct   A201   A201   A201   A201
Senior Capstones                
Indep Work/Tutorial A493 A498 A493 A498 A493 A498 A493 A498
Senior Seminar A451              
Off-Campus Projects A453   A453   A453   A453  
MAJOR ELECTIVES                
Gender & Culture    A202    A202        
Forensic Anthropology  A204  A204  A204  A204 A204 A204 A204 A204
Anth of Food A214   A214   A214   A214  
Bible Lands Archaeology   A215   A215   A215   A215
Migrants & Refugees   A217   A217   A217   A217
Technology & Society                
Ancient South America A254   A254       A254  
Sacred Cities of the World   A230       A230    
Ancient Art & Architecture        A259       A259
Information Society   A270   A270   A270   A270
Settlements & Landscapes    A354   A354     A354  
Islam in Modern World  A310    A310    A310    A310
Environment & Society                
Globalization & Capitalism     A315       A315  
Lost Cities, Ancient Empires   A322       A322    
The Incas         A334      
Latino/a in the USA A355   A355   A355   A355  
Identity & Community in USA                
Latin America, New Millennium  A371    A371    A371    A371  
Pol & Rel in Middle East        A390         A390
Health, Culture & Society 541   541   541   541  
Applied Anthropology   A505       A505