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Sandra A. Scham

Dr. Sandra A. Scham (PhD, Catholic University of America, 2000)
Office: Marist B06
Phone: 202-319-5080

Courses at CUA

Archaeology of the Bible Lands (ANTH 215, TRS 301)

Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 108)


Recent Publications

“Diplomacy and Desired Pasts” Journal for Social Archaeology (March 2009)

"The World's first Temple" Archaeology (November/December 2008)

"The Birth of Religions Inspiration" The Wilson Quarterly (Spring 2006)

"Colony or Conflict Zone" Archaeological Dialogues (October 2006)

"The Lost Goddess of Israel" Annual Editions: Archaeology (2005)

"High Place: symbolism and monumentality on Mount Moriah, Jerusalem" Antiquity (2004)

"The Days of the Judges: When Men and Women Were Animals and Trees Were Kings" Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (2002)

"The archaeology of the disenfranchised" Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (June 2001)

Dr. Scham is a specialist in artifacts of the Near East from the Neolithic through the Byzantine Period and has long been active in educational exchange and teaching about Near Eastern Archaeology. She taught at Jerusalem University College and was an associate curator at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem before returning to CU and the University of Maryland.

She has worked at Teleilat Ghassul and Wadi Adrafa in Jordan, Caesarea in Israel and on the Mopsos Survey Project in the Hatay Region of Turkey. She has also coordinated academic exchanges on heritage conservation in Israel and Palestine under the Wye River People to People Program of the US State Department.

She served as editor of Near East Archaeology, published by the American Schools of Oriental Research, and is one of the faculty for Penn State's field school in Cilicia in Turkey, which several CU students have attended. In 2010 she will be on the faculty of the Akko World Heritage Conservation Project in Israel, and she is also currently working as an American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow in the Asia and Middle East Bureaus of USAID.



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