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Tadeusz Mich


Dr. Tadeusz Mich (CUA 1997)
Marist B06



Dr. Mich is a social scientist with World Vision International, which works to alleviate poverty and injustice, particularly for children, through community development.  He has done field work in Poland about agrarian beliefs, on Yucuna mythology and cosmology in the Amazon (Colombia), and more recently on the experiences of the Latino immigrants in the USA.

Also, in Colombia, Dr. Mich implemented an educational project for indigenous youth, and he has lectured in Belgium, Colombia and at George Washington University as well as other educational institutions and colleges in the Washington DC area.

His current interests are globalization and the anthropology of development.  Dr. Mich published and conducted training on cultural sensitivity as it relates to development projects operated by NGOs. For the last ten years he implemented workshops about culture and development in more than thirty countries.


Recent Publications:

 “The Yurupari Complex of the Yucuna Indians. The Yurupari Rite.”  Anthropos 89:39-49. 1994

 “The Yurupari Complex of the Yucuna Indians. The Yurupari Myth.” Anthropos 90:487-496. 1995.

“Scientific and Mythological Ways of Knowing." In Anthropology. Ways of knowing in Myth and Science.  VDM Verlag Dr.Muller, Germany. 2011

 “Initiation Into the Amazon." In  Yucuna  Yurupari  Myth and Ritual. VDM Verlag Dr.Muller, Germany. 2012

 Dr. Mich's Courses

ANTH 101 - Cultures in a Global Society (3 credits).


ANTH 201 - Research Methods & Conduct in Anthropology (3 credits).