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I've eaten that!     Adventures in Anthropology, Food, Culture and the Nosh

Dr. Anderson: camel in Afghanistan, baby squid in Venice

Shakita: pig tails, and the feet

Lauren: blowfish, in Japan, and moose

Lara: crocodile, or maybe it was alligator?

Dr. Clark: poi in Hawai'i

Mary Catherine: crocodile

Alec: deep fried oreo

Christian: worms raw and grasshoppers  covered in chocolate

Dr. Cook:  snake, they said, but not what kind

Hannah: ants

Melissa: whale, it's disgusting!  Bear's better.

Jess: Oh wow!  Spain!  Anything Tapas! Pulpo!

Department punch, more sociable than Starbucks


Nazli: yak milk

Audrey: haggis


Ashleigh: elk


Dr. Femenias: guinea pig, with the head on, potatoes and beans.  The beer was good too!

Karen: McFish, cheap enough for a grad student!

Kaitlin: I've eaten in England

Emily: iguana, but I passed on kangaroo

Dr. Sanchez Molina: paella as a work in progress

Theresa: calamari

Sara: cow tongue, in Vietnamese food

 Kerry:  I'm picky, but I did eat chocolate-covered bacon.

Dr. Tang: McDonald's burgers, about 100 cows end up in one!

Andrea: Purple Beetle Bug Juice (with the bug inside)

Kristen: bison, and fried 'gator tail

Christine: python, moose

Dr. Merritt: Wildebeest and Zebra, at the Carnivore restaurant near Nairobi

Joanna: balut. Don't ask.

Elise: dolphin, tastes like chicken

Shelby: crab.  I'm from Baltimore

Michelle: snake, that my Dad ran over

Bridget: cabbage, but now I've tried calamari!

Tiffanie: calamari, I'm Italian


Ryan: a lollipop with a scorpion in it


Kelly: cabbage, I'm Irish

Taylor: snails, in a French restaurant at Disneyland

Emily: cuttlefish (the whole thing), in Spain

Elise: turkey hearts, dog once, and now this petit-four

Angela: Christmas food!

I'll have what she's having



Cauliflower, anyone?