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Anthropology Graduates in 2016

Congrats to our 2016 Bachelor of Arts Graduates: William Miller and Meredith O'Connell


Anthropology Graduates in 2015


Congratulation to Seniors on passing Fall 2014 Comps!  Michelle Fuentes, Kerry Buckley, Nazli
Tropha, Ashleigh Knoeferl.




Anthropology Graduates in 2014


BA:  Bridget McCarthy, Kristen Rayfield, Theresa Ciletti
Not pictured: Caitlyn Ablan (Phi Beta Kappa), Elize Prizzi
Sara Garcia (Aug 2014)
MA:  Lauren Marr, Shakita Holloway, Karen Sealy, Lara Swan



Congratulations to Seniors on passing Fall 2013 Comps!  Theresa Ciletti, Bridget McCarthy,
Kristen Rayfield, Caitlyn Ablan, Sara Garcia, Elize Prizzi



 Anthropology Graduates in 2013

Congratulations to Seniors passing Fall 2012 Senior Comps!  Jess Cashin#, Kaitlin Schiele#, Joanna Rathkey*, Christina Johnson+*.  Audrey Wahl# (not pictured), passed Comps in Spring 2013  
 + Accepted into Teach for America.  Congratulations, Christina!
 * Elected to Phi Beta Kappa.  Congratulations Joanna and Christina!
 # Elected to Phi Gamma Mu.  Congratulations Jess, Kaitlin, Audrey!


 Emily Traeger Andrews (MA, Thesis: "Recursive Cultural Production in Online Social Life") will enter the PhD program in Anthropology at the University of California-Irvine with a Graduate Dean's Recruitment Fellowship in Fall 2013.



Anthropology Graduates in 2012