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We know Anthropology reaches around the world, and sometimes the world reaches back.  We're all more connected now, and, yes,  that's a satellite dish on a hut in a tropical lagoon.

Jim Miller (BA 2004) became Managing Editor of The Interpreter, a daily-updated online journal dedicated primarily to translating media from the Russian press and blogosphere into English.   It "aspires to dismantle the language barrier that separates journalists, Russia analysts, policymakers, diplomats and interested laymen in the English-speaking world from the debates, scandals, intrigues and political developments taking place in the Russian Federation"

He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Public Eye Journalism Project, an open-sourced collaborative dedicated to investigating international events of legal, political and historical importance.

Jim is, so far as we know, the first CUA Anthropology grad to start a blog, at least the first to tell us.  The Hype evolved to "Dissected News" distributed by the Huffington Post since first posting, Common Sense in Iran in March 2010.  His work has been cited by Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic and in Der Spiegel.

Tatiana Bajuk-Sencar (BA 1990) spent six months in 2008 as, effectively, "First Lady" of Europe, while her husband, who is Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the European Union, served as EU President. Now she's studying Eurocrats.

Shelley Howes (MA 1998) was selected for the Peace Corps' inaugural Leadership Development Academy in 2005, then moved to the US Department of Homeland Security, where she became Performance Audits Manager in the Trade and Customs Division in 2010.

Jane Walsch (PhD 1993) was featured in a 2005 story in Archaeology about the "crystal skulls" of Latin America that she determined to be 19th century fakes made in Germany.

Marvette Perez (MA 1986) was featured in an May 2005 NPR story on the exhibit she curated at the National Museum of American History about the Queen of Salsa, "Celia Cruz: Her Life and Music."

Christopher Varhola (PhD 2007) wrote "American Challenges in Post-Conflict Iraq" in Foreign Policy Research Institute E-Notes, 27 May 2004.


Symposium Honoring the Work of William M. Gardner

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September 26-28, 2008

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