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Undergraduate Programs

Majors in Anthropology at CUA can concentrate in archaeology or socio-cultural anthropology. They can coordinate with interdisciplinary minor programs; they can also focus on the social life of communications, on refugee and migrant issues, the environment or other topics that may be tailored to individual interests. Anthropology provides a perspective on the world (see the Introduction to the right) that is preparation for many professions. Our focus here at CUA is on ancient civilizations and contemporary globalization.

Admission to the Major requires a GPA of 2.0 overall, and continuation requires maintaining a 3.0 in Anthropology courses.

Minors in Anthropology can be constructed for students concentrating in other fields who want to become familiar with the perspectives or knowledge that anthropologists generate.

Anthropology majors may also add interdisciplinary minors offered by the School of Arts & Sciences such as ...

Latin American & Latino Studies, Islamic World Studies, Peace & Justice Studies, Italian Studies as well as Pre-law and Pre-medicine.

Quick Introductions to...

Misc. Information

  • Courses that meet requirements for "Natural Science" Distribution
    • ANTH 105 Human Evolution
    • ANTH 108 Intro Archaeology
    • ANTH 218 Environmental Degradation
    • ANTH 354 Settlements & Landscapes (also meets geography requirement for education majors)
  • All other ANTH courses meet distribution requirements for "Social Science"