The Catholic University of America

Undergraduate Programs - Suggested Sequence of Courses

Anthropology majors and minors at the Catholic University of America can be coordinated with majors and minors in other disciplines and variously tailored to individual interests in ancient societies and issues in the contemporary world.

The major is structured as a progression of 12 courses through

  • three Foundational courses (101, 105, 108) which survey the major subfields of socio-cultural anthropology, human evolution, archaeology
  • two Core courses (200, 201) on core perspectives in anthropology and anthropological research design & conduct
  • six Major electives (110, 202-450) on research areas that are specialties of the faculty, including at least one course on a region of the world (Ancient South America, Latin America, the contemporary USA, the Middle East and Muslim World).
  • a Senior Capstone seminar, independent work with a professor, or off-campus internship/practicum that leads to a major paper or Senior thesis based on research you organize yourself.

Entry points for the major are survey courses on Socio-cultural Anthropology (101) and Archaeology (108), followed by a Sophomore-level course on Anthropological Perspectives (200) and Research Design & Conduct in Anthropology (201). These courses satisfy University distribution requirements for Social Sciences. Students who go on to major in Anthropology also take Human Evolution (105) and Anthropology of Language (110) before the Senior year, and one of three Capstone options in the senior year: a Senior Seminar on a current perspective in anthropology, individual research or directed readings with a faculty member, or an off-campus internship/practicum in a local service or research organization.

Major electives: students choose 5 courses on environmental anthropology, ancient societies, immigrants and refugees, the information society, and in political, medical, economic anthropology or ancient art & architecture, including at least one course focused on a region of the world. Courses that meet these requirements are listed on this website, along with the planned schedule for the next three years.


Courses in other departments that are acceptable as major electives for Anthropology concentrators:

MDIA 352 Museum Studies, MDIA 360 Popular Culture, MDIA 471 Food & Media.

For Anthropology majors in the University Honors Program, HSSS courses satisfy Social Science distribution requirements.

For additional information, contact the department's Undergraduate Advising Coordinator, Dr. Anita Cook.